Tuesday, February 24, 2009

God Save the Queen

Conor Regan
Poetry of Song
Ms. Malone
Song Analysis
God Save the Queen
In the 1970’s the punk rock rebellion cause much controversy. Many would say the Sex Pistols were the most rebellious band of the era because of their notorious lyrics and care-free attitude. Their defiant ways led the way for the many bands to join the “revolution” and change rock for years to come. Although the Sex Pistol did not show much musical complexity, their sound is still heard in almost every genre of rock. Also the Sex Pistols did not use many poetic devices but their lyrics contained messages that were interpreted in many ways. Of the punk rock songs that showed rebellion, none had the impact that “God Save the Queen” had because of its controversial lyrics and the controversy it caused.
When “God Save the Queen” was released punk rock was becoming more and more popular and England did not want that. The song was received as an attack on the Queen which is what made it so popular to the punk crowd because they loved the defiant lyrics that went against the norm. “God Save the Queen” quickly moved up the British charts and was at number two at one point before being banned from the radio because it was thought of as a stab at the Queen. The band claimed it was not directed at her but merely a warning to all of England that if they keep living the way they are they will fall and not be able to keep living the way they do. The Sex Pistols stand on the direction of England in “God Save the Queen” was a rebellious act that was not received well.
In the first verses the singer says the queen is not a good person and that she does not have the qualities of a just person. It says “God save the queen, she ain’t no human being.” This shows that the Sex Pistols disapprove of the queen and think she is cruel and has no regard for equality. This is a reason the song was thought of as offensive and caused an uproar amongst the high officials in England. It also says “There is no future, In England’s dreaming.” The Sex Pistols said this because they wanted to express the fact that if England does not change than there will not be anymore triumph for the country. This caused much argument within England because many agreed with how the country was being run. The first verses show much rebellion and independence.
The chorus says “God Save the Queen, We mean it man, We love our queen, God saves.” These lines show that they want England to succeed but that can only be achieved through a new system of government. They seem to be praying to God because they have no other hope. In the last chorus the like “We love our queen” was changed to “And there is no future.” This shows that the time may have passed to fix England and they will not have a future because the time to act has past. The chorus of this song is sung with anger and annoyance because the singer is fed up with the government. The extro says that there is no future for anyone. “God Save the Queen” has lyrics that caused much argument.
“God Save the Queen” does not have many poetic devices and most of the lines mean what the say. There are two metaphors in “God Save the Queen.” The first metaphor says “We’re the flowers in the dustbin” which means they are the only good things in a group of terrible things. The other metaphor is “We’re the poison in your human machine” which means they are the reason England has gone down hill. Although “God Saves the Queen” lacks numerous poetic devices, it is still a well written song.
Of the punk rock songs that showed rebellion, none had the impact that “God Save the Queen” had because of its controversial lyrics and the controversy it caused. “God Save the Queen” is a song that to this day is regarded as one of the most ground-breaking and bold songs in history. The ripple effect of this song change rock forever and paved the way for almost all punk bands since then. The Sex Pistols’ unique sound and thirst for trouble is what made them one of the most world-shattering bands of all time.


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